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The city of Chicago has allowed TJ Kiser to dance between the street and the gallery. By practicing street art in his youth, then receiving a formal education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, TJ has become comfortable combining various influences assembled over the course of his life. He has worked with local artists and businesses as well as established creatives and international companies to see their ideas come to fruition.


Thomas Kiser, better known as TJ, loves nothing more than experiencing the new. His journeys have become the founding materials from which he forges his artistic visions. Whether he be in Europe, Asia, or the US, TJ makes sure that art supplies are readily available so that he may capture the energy and magic of whatever he encounters. Eventually, TJ found himself in New Orleans, where he was essential in creating the Artist in Residence Program in collaboration with the Old No. 77 Hotel and Where Y’Art Gallery in New Orleans Louisiana in 2016. He debuted as the first Artist in Residence, which culminated with a show that featured a display of his journal and sketches of the people and places that captured his imagination during his stay.


Crayons, oils, homemade paint, and felt tip markers have all been equally viable options for TJ Kiser since he began creating art years ago. His appreciation for all forms of creativity have led him to use countless mediums in his life, none of which he considers more important than any other. This website is a collection of some of the moments he has captured over the course of his artistic career. Regardless of what the future holds, it is certain that TJ will be traveling, experiencing, and leaving his mark in some manner.

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