2020    BFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago,  IL

Teaching Experience

2016    Visiting Artist Program, De La Salle Institute, Chicago, IL


2016    Artist-in-Residence, The Old No. 77, New Orleans, LA

Solo Exhibitions

2016    Take Me With You, The Chandlery, New Orleans, LA


2020    Fabrication and Installation JoeFreshGoods  & New Balance Pop Up, Chicago IL
2020    Mural Installation, Accenture, Chicago, Chicago, IL
2019    Mural Installation,  Maddox Gallery, London, UK

2019    Vivus, Maddox Gallery, London, UK
2019    Mural Installation,  B_Line, Chicago, IL
2019    Mural Installation,  R2 Properties with Georgia Hill and B_Line, Chicago, IL
2019    Mural Installation,  Samsung Activation Space at Millennium Park, Chicago, IL
2018    Mural Installation,  Box Shops by Related, Chicago, IL
2018    Mural Installation,  Bounce, Chicago, IL

Group Exhibitions

2018    Finessetimothy with Pabst Easy, The Owl Chicago, IL

2018    Hippie Daze, Elastic Arts, Chicago, IL

2018    PBR ART BATTLE, FDC Studios, Chicago, IL

2018    Hidden in Plain Sight, All Star Press, Chicago, IL

2018    Art Gala, Underground, Chicago, IL

2017    Pen and Ink, Union Street Gallery, Chicago, IL

2017    Pagan Halloween, Vintage Quest, Chicago, IL

2017    Required Reading, Gallery F, Chicago, IL

2017    Zoology, Vintage Quest, Chicago, IL (curated by Sick Fisher)

2016    Naked People, Vintage Quest, Chicago, IL (curated by Sick Fisher)

2016    PBR Art, East Room, Chicago, IL

2016    Speaking in Cursive, Idealty, Chicago, IL (curated by Patt Knerr)

2016    2 Year Anniversary, Treehouse Records, Chicago, IL

Published Works

2016   New Orleans Magazine, New Orleans, LA

2016   826CHI The Monster Gasped OMG! Chicago, IL